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  • Documentary Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Duplicating


Video is all about communicating your message effectively through vision and sound. Allow us to design a package for you that will achieve this and bring benefits for your customers, staff and your organization. Regent Video can offer you a high quality cost effective production of your event or project using the latest digital cameras and editing systems. We are the experts in corporate video production.



We are experienced in producing a seminar video of your conference, seminar, presentation, awards night, concert or workshop. Coverage of your event using 1 to 4 cameras, and includes editing, titles, duplication onto DVD, cover design and printing. We are the experts to produce a seminar DVD for your company.






Video is a powerful tool to present your product, service or message to the public. We can produce a promotional video that can be used to raise awareness of the public of your product, service or organization. This can be played at venues, broadcast, or put onto DVD for distribution to your clients.



We can produce an informative documentary on a range of subjects such as construction site, manufacturing process, sports event, environmental and social issues for educational, analysis and archival purposes.




Keeping your staff informed of the latest products, procedures and policies is paramount to the success of any organization today. Video is an cost effective means of doing this. We offer a professional corporate training production that will inform and educate your staff.






We are able to duplicate your source footage onto  DVD and we are able to convert tape formats from NTSC (American) to PAL (Australian) and from PAL to NTSC. We can also duplicate your DVD in quantities from 1 to 1000.



For further information on producing a corporate video production or a corporate DVD please call us on (03) 9879 7891 or email us at sales@regentvideo.com.  Corporate DVD production, Workplace productions and workplace videos.