Regent Video specialises in high quality coverage of Concerts and Special Events. We are able to capture the excitement and atmosphere of your concert onto tape and DVD for sale to association members, parents or the public. Or you may require a record of the event for archival purposes.



Regent Video is at the forefront of innovation in the concert industry. We have a very cost efficient method of filming concerts that brings professional concert coverage is to organizations both small and large. We are able to offer a complete service for concert videos which includes videoing the event, providing editing, adding titles, logos, photos and credits, duplication onto tape or DVD, and cover design and printing. We are the experts in producing a concert DVD.



Types of events we video include:

  • School concerts - Primary and Secondary

  • Ballet and Dance Schools

  • Vocal groups

  • Rock Concerts

  • Plays

  • Presentations

  • Fashion Parades


Artists and clients that we have worked with include singer Vannessa Amarosi, pianist David Helfgott (Shine), and the Australian Barbershop Convention.

For further information please on filming your special event call us on (03) 9879 7891 or email us at