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An awesome event! For six days over 400 riders race through the dust, heat, mud, flooded creeks, whoops, bogs and special tests to finish in the best international enduro of the year.

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This is the first video that truly captures the speed, skills and the spills of Expert and Clubman riders as they race on the challenging trails of the Stockmans reward area.

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Here's cross country action at its best with over a hundred riders battling the terrain, the mud, the rain and each other for victory and the honour of finishing a tough event.

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Mud and madness as hundreds of experienced through to novice riders, are unleashed on the hills and bog holes of the Noojee area. Great fun and action for you! Guest appearance by Shane Watts.

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It's a real challenge to the top and although over a hundred riders try, only 5 make it! Watch as MX, trail, road, aggie, and pee wee bikes slip, slide and crash as they try!

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1999 SSARS RIDE: Suzuki-Sidetrack Adventure Ride Series, Round Three Abbeyard.

Set in Victoria's High Country, this two day navigational ride takes in the steep hills and long ridge tracks of the Buffalo Range area. This years event has attracted over 150 riders who are keen to tackle these mountain tracks, take in the scenic sights, and enjoy some good company. See real trail riding as these riders attempt the rocky hills and hazardous river crossings. Conducted by AMTRA.

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1999 Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro

This years event say almost 200 of the country's best enduro riders gather in Welshpool to compete in Australia's premier enduro event. Riders had to maintain their trail time and then go flat out on the narrow twisty special tests, and you will see all of this action. Two days of dust was followed by a day of rain and mud (just to keep things interesting), and the final day motorcross track was awesome! Features Shane Watts, Stuie Morgan, Damien Smith and Ben Bunda.

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1999 Mt Marianne Hill Climb

A Great day's fun was had by all at this hillclimb set in the spectacular hills surrounding Yea in central Victoria and we've captured it all for you to enjoy. We've got all types of bikes here, from trail to specials and from modern to vintage as over 60 riders get set to challenge this mountain. It's a long 280 meters to the top and it's got lots of loose gravel, plenty of rock ledges and of course it's steep.

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1999 KTM Victorian Cross Country Championships - Round 4, Lang Lang.

Cross country action at its best as over 100 riders battle it out on the narrow, tight, twisty, sandy loop that forms this round of the series.

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1999 Blue Light Ride, Noojee, Victoria

Watch as almost 800 riders tackle the famous Blue Light Ride and attempt to complete the two loops, each of 60 km, that make up this classic fun event. See the hilarious fancy dress entries and witness the riders antics as rain turns the finishing paddock into a skating rink.

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1999 Knox's Hillclimb

We're back at Knox's hill near Leongatha in Victoria once again, with even more thrills and spills as we witness the annual challenge to make it to the top of this short but very steep, rocky hill. It's man and machine versus the mountain. Can the mountain be conquered? Watch the mechanical carnage as over 100 riders try!

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Hill Climb Mania 1

Here's a video that's sure to entertain and amaze you. You will get to see all the spectacular action, the fun and antics, and the mechanical carnage as we bring you highlights of three Victorian Hill Climbs. Featured events in this video are the '98 and '99 Knox's Hill Climb and the '99 Mt. Marianne Hill Climb. This is Hill Climb action at it's best of these great, but until now, little known events.

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2000 SSARS 

In the High Country of Victoria, 180 weekend warriors get to taste some of the excellent riding that this area is famous for. We’ve got full coverage of the two days of riding as these riders tackle the steep up hills, long rocky ridge tracks, even steeper downhills and of course the tricky creek crossings. Great sample of High Country riding.

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2000 Nolan Rally

This rally is just getting bigger each year! Here’s a terrific coverage of this popular event covering both loops and you get to witness the rider’s struggles to get up those nasty hills, the spills as they go down the rutted bulldust hills and the usual trail sections that we all enjoy riding. Re-live this great event with this video.

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