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Sub Total

'98 Stockmans Enduro
(PAL format only)
No. 001 $34.95AU
'98 Mountain Bay XC
(PAL format only)
No. 002 $34.95AU
'98 Blue Light Ride
(PA formatL only)
No. 003 $34.95AU
No. 004 $44.95AU
'98 Knox's Hillclimb
(PAL format only)
No. 005 $34.95AU
'98 Star Hotel Rally
(PAL format only)
No. 006 $34.95AU
'99 SSARS Ride
(PAL format only)
No. 007 $34.95AU
'99 Australian 4 Day Enduro
No. 008 $39.95AU
'99 KTM Victorian CC Champs
(PAL format only)
No. 009 $34.95AU
'99 Blue Light Ride
(PAL format only)
No. 010 $39.95AU
'99 Mt Marianne Hill Climb
(PAL format only)
No. 011 $29.95AU
'99 Knox's Hillclimb
(PAL format only)
No. 012 $34.95AU
Hill Climb Mania 1
No. 013 $34.95AU
2000 SSARS
(PAL format only)
No. 014 $34.95AU
2000 Nolan Rally
(PAL format only)
No. 015 $34.95AU
  Plus $5.00AU Postage and Handling per video
Overseas Postage: USA, Mexico and Japan: $14.00AU (Includes NTSC Conversion) France: $15.00AU (Includes SECAM Conversion)
Please Find: Cheque or Money Order enclosed, or charge my
  Bankcard Visa Mastercard
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Regent Video Productions

P.O. Box 166,
Ringwood East,
Victoria, 3135 AUSTRALIA.

ph: +61 3 9879 7891
fax: +61 3 9879 7421

  • OVERSEAS ORDERS:  These videos are also available in NTSC (America, Mexico and Japan).