Special Days such as this call for a special approach. One that conveys all the joy, happiness, passion, and excitement with a creative flair without being intrusive.


We are dedicated to bringing you

a truly wonderful video and photographic

coverage of your wedding. Our wealth of experience (Regent Video was established in 1984)  and attention to detail means that you will get the best value for money coverage available.


We can create beautiful pics that you will

cherish, share and enjoy forever.





You can choose from one of our great value packages or we can create a package that reflects your expectations and budget.

Our coverage can include the groom’s house, the bride’s house, the ceremony, various photo shoot locations, and part or all of the reception. 

You get to choose exactly what style, the amount of coverage,

the music, type of covers, titles, locations and other things that

go into giving you a unique coverage of your wedding day.




Video is great for weddings because it captures all of the sights, sounds, movement, cheers and laughter that make up the atmosphere of your wedding day.

We use only professional quality cameras and microphones. Editing is done in the digital realm and we produce a digital master. All of this ensures that you get the best quality possible in the final video. A video that you will be proud to show to your family and friends.


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Virtual Photo Album is a feature that we offer where we put childhood, teenage and recent photos of the couple onto video with music of your choice. It starts with a album cover with your names on it and this then opens to reveal each photo in sequence.


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Custom Animated Opening Titles are available to add

to the start of the wedding video to give it a very unique

and professional look.






Photo-montage ending segment is available where we take photos from the video of the

highlight moments of the day, put it to music and then fade from one photo to the next.

This is a good way to recap on the events of the day.



DVD is the perfect media for weddings and we are the experts in creating a high quality DVD to allow you enjoy your wedding with all the features, longevity and high picture quality that DVD has to offer. We use professional encoding and authoring programs to give you the best quality DVD available.

We can create DVDs that have a main menu page and chapters just like the big-time movies.



Our skilled photographers can catch on film  all of those wonderful moments that make up your wedding day.

You will get photos that are exciting, different,

relaxed, candid and traditional.


Your photos can be supplied with or without an album.



Our coverage can include the groom’s house, the bride’s house, the ceremony, various photo shoot locations, and part or all of the reception. It can also include  enlargements, a high quality album with your choice of cover and best of all

we give you the negatives to keep!

pics that speak louder than words. Creative, dynamic, reflective and fun!

Bold, traditional, exciting and casual.






For further information please call us on (03) 9879 7891 or email us.